You Don’t Understand

I toss and turn again all night

Cold fingers in the morning light

But you take me in your arms and I’m all right.

You ask me “sweetie did you rest?”

I answer “well, I tried my best”

You sigh but try your hardest to jest

And let me forget

But I can’t

And I won’t

Because I’m haunted

And you don’t understand.

As night falls I feel my pulse start to race

And fright appears upon your face

As you take in my unfocused gaze

I ask you “sweetie can’t you see?”

You answer “darling, why ask me?”

I clutch your hand but they won’t leave me be

Can’t you see that they’re dragging me, dragging me!

So I scream 

And I cry

Because they’re hurting me

And you still can’t understand.

As the days go by I grow steadily weak

We stop talking altogether and my voice has gone meek

Now you’re looking at me like I’m some kind of freak.

You shake my shoulders and scream at me

I beg you “Stop!” but you won’t set me free

I crawl away but you’re after me

So I turn.

And I stab

And I choke

Because you’re not helping me

And you don’t understand.




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