9 Things We Should Upgrade In Our 20s

Thought Catalog

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I turned 26 last November, which means I am officially in my late twenties. Scary! This means I have no excuse writing off behavior as being the effect of my twenties. I’m almost 30, who are we kidding. As soon as I got a full-time job with benefits (necessary post-college, especially if you’re drowning in loans like I am), I began to upgrade my whole person in little ways. I’m far from perfect and pulled-together, but I’ve been a 20something lady for long enough that I know what’s important. It’s just like that classic Beyonce song “Upgrade U.” Let me upgrade you, chicks.

1. Your underwear drawer.

At some point, you need to graduate from the butt-floss G-strings and Victoria’s Secret PINK thongs and boyshorts that you’ve had since 2009. Throw them out. You can buy new ones. Please do buy new ones. I used to do the 5 for…

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