9 Things We Should Upgrade In Our 20s

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I turned 26 last November, which means I am officially in my late twenties. Scary! This means I have no excuse writing off behavior as being the effect of my twenties. I’m almost 30, who are we kidding. As soon as I got a full-time job with benefits (necessary post-college, especially if you’re drowning in loans like I am), I began to upgrade my whole person in little ways. I’m far from perfect and pulled-together, but I’ve been a 20something lady for long enough that I know what’s important. It’s just like that classic Beyonce song “Upgrade U.” Let me upgrade you, chicks.

1. Your underwear drawer.

At some point, you need to graduate from the butt-floss G-strings and Victoria’s Secret PINK thongs and boyshorts that you’ve had since 2009. Throw them out. You can buy new ones. Please do buy new ones. I used to do the 5 for…

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Corregidor Island

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. You’re in luck, because I’m posting my Corregidor photos today!
I went there with some of my officemates this weekend, ostensibly to celebrate International Women’s Day. I was quite confuzzled because as we all know, that holiday is celebrated March 8. 
But whatever. At least I got a free pass to Corregidor and an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch to boot. Haha. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve last visited the island, after all!
This trip was particularly memorable because I took a tumble down Battery Way and skinned my knee. When I tried to climb up the leaves tried to swallow me alive and I had to shriek for help haha. At first the people wouldn’t help me because they thought I was a ghost – good thing someone was brave enough to look. They did help me up once they saw me there haha.

The tour guide called me “kulit” which is the Tagalog word for naughty or mischievous because I kept on disappearing and going off by myself to take pictures. I was caught a few times trying to climb the ruins, which apparently wasn’t allowed. Lol.

Anyway, here are the pics! This is going to be a long post haha.



Here’s a scary photo of me. Squinting + laughing. I don’t care, basta may picture ako haha. It’s rare for me to have pics during trips because I’m usually the one taking pictures. Thanks, Kuya Ryan! All photos of me are credited to him.
Halfway through the day I was feeling really hot so I tied my hair. Also put on my glasses because my glasses have UV filters haha. I’m already sunburnt at this point.


All photos are mine. Please credit me if you plan to use them.

Taken with Canon EOS 60D and post-processed with Meitu XiuXiu.

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13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A Grown-Ass Man


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1. You know where you stand. You are his girlfriend or you are a girl he’s dating but either way he’s not scared to define it. He’s not afraid that a girl will cry and run away if she doesn’t hear what she wants to, he wants a mature woman because he is a mature man.

2. You don’t have to prod him to become a real adult. He’s self motivated to improve on his own. If there’s an area of his life that needs improvement, he’s working on it long before you notice it.

3. Texting with him is peaceful. Sometimes you have conversations. Sometimes you make plans. But it’s never a power struggle of who initiates and who texts lasts. It’s not fishing for compliments or security. It’s simply a short form of communication.

4. He calls his mom. You don’t need to tell him to…

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