Flames that are spear-points of light in the dark
Ease now my pain, and on a journey embark
To touch those in sadness, in misery–
Unlike this poem, which will never reach me.

Deep in my sadness, I do understand
Against this false evanescence, I will contend
I will seek my Elysium in places afar
Where my soul will be safe from this damaging war.

I toiled every day, and I’ve prayed every night
I bloodied my body in search for the Light
Seeking for assurance from the Heavens, ’til Dawn
Steals back once again, for the light has regrown.

But even in Death, I still could not rest
I finished what I should, and I did all my best
Now in this false slumber, I still toss and turn
While outside my grave, the Sun’s splendour will burn…

…but not for long

For even the candles are smothered and snuffed
I am plunged into darkness, but it’s still not enough
The Shadows with eyes are calling ’round me again
To see if I would be a part of their mayhem.

And like the proverbial poet, the ill-fated man of men
I must spread the word that Night will be broken
In avenging the souls of the beaten and damned,
Succeeding in teaching the shadows to have calmed..

Let the flames’ reassurance be seen once again
When, in the candlelight’s radiance, the darkness is taken.