My Summer Wish List

HEYA HEYA. It’s summer once again! And the summer has made its voice heard here in the Philippines, as evidenced by the scorching heat and blazing sunshine outside.

I fucking hate summer, but I admit that vacations are also my thing. So, in honour of the lazy, hazy days ahead, I have compiled a short wishlist of things I want.

Here they are!

1. A shark-shaped deck chair. This is adorable! I can use this to lounge by the pool or at the beach. I can also bring this to the terrace at night to stargaze. I think it’s big enough to prop my telescope up beside me while I’m sitting down.

2. A Darth Vader toaster. As a person who’s always been a Sith at heart, this is the perfect way to get breakfast started.

3. A shark sleeping bag. If you know me in person, you’d know that I’m OBSESSED with sharks. This would be awesome for sleepovers or for camping by the beach.

4. A Nerf Vulcan sentry gun. OMG. OMG. OMG. My brothers and I could spend hours on this!

5. Light sabre chopsticks! Eating has never been this fun. They light up, too!

6. Shark tattoo. Or, specifically, a guy with a shark tattoo. Or maybe just that guy in the photo, with his veeeery nicely toned back and those shoulders…I’d love to sink my teeth in them and *CENSORED*

Sorry, folks. Got a bit carried away there.

7. A shark mobile! YOU CAN CONTROL IT.

8. A shark pencil case. The perfect container for my fineliners and my colour pencils.

9. Rainy days like these. Because I hate summer, remember? I can’t wait for the rainy days again. Days like these are best spent in bed cuddling with someone. Want to come cuddle with me? 🙂

So that’s my summer wishlist!

Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week ahead!